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Metro Boomin Net Worth

Metro Boomin Net Worth

Metro Boomin Net Worth Metro Boomin is an American Producer and songwriter who has a net worth of $8.1 Million. Metro Boomin was born in St. Louis, Missouri in September 1993. He started making Beats at age of 13 years old and traveled to Atlanta for when he was 11thstandard to purchase his music career. M.B. has produced many singles including Karate Chop by future featuring Lil Wayne, Honest by Future. His mixtape 19 &Boomin was released in 2013.

Metro Boomin Net Worth
Net worth $8.5 Million
Age 24
Full Name Leland Tyler Wayne
Born 16 September 1993
Country of Origin US of America
Occupation Record Producer and songwriter
Last Updated 2018

 About Metro Boomin

Leland Tyler Wayne is an American beat producer, songwriter, and Dj who is famous with the name of Metro Boomin. He is also called Young Metro or Metro.

Age of Metro

He was born on September 16, 1993, in St Louis, Missouri, Us Metro is 24 how many people misjudge his age, he has learned to live with it.

Boomin’s Family

He was born into a family of seven, he has 4 siblings and lives with parents and siblings as well. Metro like details of his family out of media reach. Not much can be said about his family.

Metro Boomin Beginning

Metro started from Parkway North high school. During school, he joined a music group and started play instruments for his groups. Metro has the natural talent to play a musical instrument, he is special in guitar but also can play many instruments. Metro makes his first beat at the age of 13 years old. And got software related to music “Fruity Loops” installed on the laptop. He has always with hanging headsets over his bed. Metro was engaged with music activates on his laptop. Initially, he wanted to do rap, he produced 3 beats per day would he rap to. Soon he realized he was a better producer then he was a rapper. Later he dropped the idea of and produced new betas. Metro relisted his many beats on social media begin the recognizes an artist.

Metro Boomin Net Worth

Metro’s Career Life

Onset Metro is talented with the art of production, he thanks his mother for his success. It’s hard to nut to say Metro’s net worth would be as high as without his mother’s support. While in high school, Metro introduced sumptuous beats on his social media platform. Some rappers listened and loved the vibe. He got a message from artists they wanted to work with Metro. He went for the meet with these artists. In early days, he worked with rapper Tay Don. Metro after some time collaborating with some artist. He worked with Oj Da Juice man, Gucci Mane. Collaboration with artists was successful. Metro has been a constant figure in the career. In his first visit to Atlanta, he met with some popular rapper artist, but OJ was the first rapper to flow on his beat. When he graduated from high school, Metro moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in music and study to business Management in MorehouseCollege. After a semester he took the break from school. When asked to Metro why you took a break, he replied; It was difficult to continue along with music production. He said he would love to focus on music which his first love. Metro has gone on to work with top famous celebrities like; Nicki Minaj, Future, Lil Wayne and many more. Metro career onset did not add quite well to Metro Boomin net worth, but it served many to effort.

Rise to Fame

In 2013, he decided to combine rap with music production. He released a mixtape titled 19 &Boomin. Metro released some single featured rappers like Gucci Mane & others rappers. In oct. 2013, He released his debut mixtape on popular website live mix tapes. In 2014, Metro Boomin produced a mixtape for rappers future. The mixtape popular music in US sites. In 2015, Metro and young thug collaborated to release an album Metro tugging. Before he released the album, Metro released the track from album title/ won. The track award-winning rapper, Kanye West. In 2016, Metro worked with another producer DJ Esso to Produce a Mixtape for Future. The mixtape titled purple Reign. In 2017, Metro produced a track like Tunnel Visio, Bounce Back, Mask Off, and Bank account.

Metro’s Net worth in 2018

No doubt Metro net worth in millions of dollars. His fans usually ask, what metro Boomin net worth? Is metro richer then Timberland? Etc. Metro Boomin net worth Approximate to be $8.5million in 2018.

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