Adam Herz Net Worth and Short BIO

Adam Herz is a Screenwriter. Here we have disclosed the Adam Herz current Net Worth in Dec 2022. Adam Herz was born in September 10, 1972. Now see the Adam Herz Net worth 💰, Birth place, Birth Date and Age.

Adam Herz is Screenwriter. Adam Herz net worth is $20 Million in Dec 2022. Adam Herz nickname is Adam. Adam Herz was born in September 10, 1972. Adam Herz birth place is Michigan. Adam Herz is a Screenwriter professional.

Adam Herz Net Worth

💰 $20 Million is current net worth of Adam Herz.

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Adam Herz Birthday

If you want to celebrate 🎉 Adam Herz birthday then you can celebrate in September 10. Adam Herz birth day is September 10.

Adam Herz Date of Birth 🎂

Adam Herz date of birth is September 10, 1972. Adam Herz is 50 years old in 2022.

• Adam Herz age in 2022 is – 50 years old.
• Age in 2023 is 51 years old.
• Age in 2024 is 52 years old.
• Age in 2025 is 53 years old.

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