Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

(Kelly Net Worth)

Kelly Clarkson was born on 24th of April, 1982 in Texas. Kelly first time sings in a school function and her voice was so melodious that everyone liked that voice so much after her graduation Kelly shifted towards Los Angles to continue a career in music in this period she use to do many jobs to earn her livings but finally she got a job as a vocalist with a singer but slowly her hope was finished of continuing her career in music so that she moved back towards Texas but after some time one of her family friend told her about that biggest show American Idol is going to held and will had millions of people there so finally Kelly make up her mind and start preparing for that show. Kelly got selected for that show and start working hard to compete everyone on that show as a result finally she won that show after lots of hard work and won million dollar prize money. Finally then in 20013 Kelly Clarkson released her first song “A moment like this” which after some days of release in no 1 category on Billboard to chart which was great start for young singer as she got fame because she was also the winner of biggest show American Idol. Then Kelly’s album “Miss Independent” was also a great success after this Kelly got great fan following as her every songs get famous so everyone in music industry also started giving her respect. In 2004 Kelly also released song “Since you been gone”, “Break away”, “Behind these Hazel eyes” and “Walk away”. In 2005 Kelly again released an album “Since You been Gone” which also became hit after this album Kelly was categorized in one of the best artist of the Music industry.(Kelly Net Worth)


Imp key points(Kelly Net Worth)

Full NameKelly Clarkson
Height1.61 m
Birth placeTexas
Favorite colorRed


Total Net Worth(Kelly Net Worth)

Kelly Clarkson total net worth is about million

Net worth from 2012 to 2018

2012 million
2013 million
2014 million
2015 million
2016 million
2017 million
2018 million

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