Emma stone Net worth

Emma Stone Net Worth(Emma stone net worth)

Emma stone was born on 6th of November 1988 in Arizona. Emma stone was only 11 years old when she started her career in acting but in start Emma stone started with by doing acting in local stage show then slowly moved towards theater shows. Emma stone famous stage shows were “Alice in wonderland” and “The princess and the pea”. Emma was working well and had taken acting so seriously that as a result she was dropped out of the school because of her nil performance in every exams. Emma wanted from her parents that they should shift towards Los angles but her parents were not agree for this shifting so she finally thinked and made a fake appointment letter for her acting in Madonna new song this technique got successful and her parents agreed on this then finally Emma stone shifted towards Los angles with her family. When Emma stone was only 17 years old she got a little fame and started appearing in different television local and international shows. In 2007 Emma Stone done a comedy movie “Super bad” this film suddenly got famous and become a reason behind Emma Stone fame. Emma stone after her movie was visible in every hit and most favorite movies of people “Ghost of girlfriends past”, “Zombie land” and on “Paper man”. In 2010 Emma stone got a lead role in the movie this was a big success for Emma this movie was a hit and suddenly become the cause of her success and for her great fame. In 2016 Emma stone won her first golden award which was also a big success she got in her career. Emma stone was also in the most hit movie of that time “The amazing Spider man” which was released in 2012 but when this movie was pictorized In 2007 Emma stone was only 17 years old that time.(Emma stone net worth)

emma stone

Imp key points

Full nameEmily Jean Stone
Height1.68 m
weight52 kg
Favorite colorBlue, Black


Total net worth(Emma stone net worth)

Emma stone total net worth is about million

Net worth from 2012 to 2018

2012 million
2013 million
2014 million
2015 million
2016 million
2017 million
2018 million
Emma stone Net worth
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