Eminem Net Worth

(Eminem Net Worth)

Eminem was born on 17th of October 1972 in Missouri. When Eminem was in childhood his father abandoned his family but afterwards he tried a lot to contact his son. Eminem use to live with her mother and her mother was a kind of lady who was not able to do one job continuously she use to change her job every 3-4 months due to which Eminem childhood was in poverty and he had to change his school every six months and sometime they use to shift to other city because of her mother job there and then back to city according to Eminem that was the most difficult time of his childhood because of his poverty there were no friends of Eminem and he was use to beaten by every guy in school, Canteen and in bathrooms which leave a great impact on Eminem. As a result when Eminem was only 17 years old he was dropped out of the school because he was failed almost three times in nine standard. In 1999 Eminem released his first album “The Slim Shady LP” which when released suddenly became famous and his copies start selling throughout the world and on this album Eminem won two Grammy awards and four MTV awards which was a great and biggest success for young artist on his first album. In 2000 Eminem again released his album “The Marshall Mathers LP” whose copies suddenly start selling throughout the world and this album also set a record that no rap album was sold this much fast in the history as Eminem album does which became reason for Eminem huge fan following and these two albums become the reason to change Eminem life completely. In 2010 Eminem also released an album which also become famous because right now there are huge amount of fans of Eminem who are always in wait for his new album to be released.(Eminem Net Worth)

Eminem Net worth

Imp key points(Eminem Net Worth)

Full nameMarshall Bruce Mathers
OccupationRapper, Producer
Height1.73 m
Weight68 kg
Favorite colorLight blue


Total Net worth(Eminem Net Worth)

Eminem total net worth is about 0 million

Net worth from 2012 to 2018

2012 million
20130 million
20140 million
20150 million
20165 million
20170 million
20180 million

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